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Avoiding Unrealized Expectations - Protective Measures for the Dentist by Dr. Duane A. Schmidt, D.D.S.

Binding arbitration is a powerful tool to insulate a dentist from litigious-minded patients and their counsel. While we know that unrealized expectations are the major cause of a patient seeking redress, the second cause of adversarial complaints stems from unpaid bills. The solution is to require payment at the time of delivery and to institute binding arbitration. Failing to avail yourself of this protection is like practicing dentistry without professional liability insurance – a move no right-thinking dentist would even contemplate.   » Full Article

Quick, Unbiased & Affordable Arbitration through Email

Arbitration through email provides quicker, cheaper and more effectual resolution of disputes and works as an excellent intercession for the rapidly growing internet community. It eradicates all the geographical and jurisdictional restrictions of the legal system and declares the final decision in just a few days. Online arbitration by net-ARB is an excellent solution to settle disputes as the court systems are slow, costly and out of reach especially in case of international e-commerce.   » Full Article

Online Arbitration Changes the Marketplace for Dispute Resolution Service

The internet will do for arbitration what Google did for the retrieval of information. By bringing alternative dispute resolution to your home, office or cell phone, time and inconvenience are no longer an obstacle to justice worldwide with net-ARB.   » Full Article

Benefits of Online Arbitration

The emergence of Internet has significantly changed the way buying and selling goods and services happen. The benefits of Online shopping make it THE WORLD'S #1 SHOPPING MALL. An unfortunate natural consequence is an increase in the number of internet-generated disputes. Until now, no one has been there to help online buyers and sellers settle those disputes. net-ARB fills that void professionally with quick and convenient dispute resolution at an extremely affordable price of less than $300 per party for a final, binding decision.   » Full Article

Why Choose net-ARB Arbitration Service

High legal fees and drawn out court cases are a thing of the past with net-ARB's online arbitration service. Bringing together parties irrespective of geographic concerns with experts in alternative dispute resolution, net-ARB is the best solution when conflicts arise.   » Full Article

The Internet is Exposing the Limitations of the Court System

In the court system, time zones and physical location are obstacles to justice. You might win or lose on technicalities, court dockets are full, and attorneys are expensive. Arbitration by email through net-ARB eliminates the obstacles and provides a more convenient and less expensive option to settle disputes anywhere the internet is available   » Full Article

The Effect on Consumer Confidence of Knowing a Business Supports Convenient, Low-Cost Arbitration Whenever Necessary

Geographic diversity is the essence of net-commerce. As business operations have become more global and sophisticated, there's been a parallel growth in international or cross-border litigation. Each time a civil dispute touches an international transaction, it triggers complex substantive, jurisdictional, and procedural issues concerning the application and enforcement of U.S. and foreign law. Contract clauses calling for arbitration in the event of a dispute are available from net-ARB and gives your customers confidence that should a conflict arise, you are committed to low cost, fast dispute resolution available anywhere email is available.   » Full Article

Online Arbitration Makes Justice Available to Everybody

Up until recently, the time commitment and cost of settling a dispute prohibited getting justice for many locally, and made international dispute resolution virtually impossible. Now, with the emergence of online arbitration, both businesses and consumers can access specialized arbitrators via email at net-ARB for a low fixed fee.   » Full Article

Online Arbitration is the Best Answer for Interstate and International Businesses

Traditional legal solutions based on localization are inappropriate for cross-border e-business transactions. The instantaneous and truly international Internet necessitates similar solutions. net-ARB eliminates the travel cost, lawyer fees and time zone differences to makes dispute resolution more affordable and convenient via email.   » Full Article

Online Arbitration is better than Mediation for Resolving Disputes Fast

This article discusses the benefits of using online arbitration through net-ARB as opposed to mediation.   » Full Article

"Common Law and Equity" Decisions vs. "Statutory Law" Decisions — Which is the Better System?

Online arbitration based on common law as apposed to statutory law provides a more level playing field for dispute resolution on an international basis and arbitration through net-ARB makes it more affordable, convenient and fast by settling conflicts over email.   » Full Article

Both Businesses and Consumers Favor or Should Favor "Arbitration Clauses"

Consumers and business people wanting to eliminate the chance of expensive litigation should favor arbitration clauses in contracts, particularly clauses which require arbitration through net-ARB, as are offered by members of our membership program. Members support net-ARB's mission to create a safer and fairer Internet by using binding arbitration when direct negotiation has failed. Members go the extra mile too, promising to pay costs as determined in arbitration.   » Full Article

Arbitration Levels the Playing Field Internationally

Settling disputes internationally has challenged individuals and business owners since the emergence of international trade due to the high cost of travel, time-zone differences and variations of law. net-ARB removes those traditional barriers by providing fast, convenient and affordable arbitration by email.   » Full Article

Arbitrations Are Decided On Their Merits, Not Technicalities, Assuring Consumers of Procedural Fairness

During a legal trial even the best fact based cases can be derailed by a legal technicality. Utilizing online arbitration through ensures that you get judged based on your merits, not legal tricks.   » Full Article

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