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Online Arbitration by Email

Online Arbitration Changes the Marketplace for Dispute Resolution Service

The internet will do for arbitration what Google did for the retrieval of information. By bringing alternative dispute resolution to your home, office or cell phone, time and inconvenience are no longer an obstacle to justice worldwide.

To help you understand how inexpensive and convenient online arbitration is, I've chosen net-ARB, an internationally endorsed service provider to outline the process. Since net-ARB arbitrates under principles of common law and equity rather than strict adherence to statutory law, you can't be defeated by some quirky legal technicality. This levels the playing field between law professionals and everybody else both locally and internationally.
 Free Case Submission: Just give us the names and email address of both parties and when the arbitration agreement is accepted, an appropriate arbitrator will be assigned to the case. net-ARB's arbitrators come from many different legal, professional, technical and international backgrounds to ensure fair, unbiased resolution to any dispute.

The Hearing: Detailed instructions will guide you through sending your testimony, submitting your evidence, and even cross-examining the other side all by email. Hearings last from a couple of days to a week or two depending on the complexity of the case and how quickly the parties submit their evidence.The Decision: The arbitrator will issue a binding, written decision (called an "Award") within a few days of both parties resting their case. In case of non-payment by the non-prevailing side, arbitration awards are routinely enforced both nationally and internationally. The United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards shows overwhelming support in »156 countries worldwide.

Like PayPal, eBay and Amazon.com have transformed the way we do business on the Internet, net-ARB is transforming the way disputes are handled as well. To see all the ways online arbitration to reduce your legal fees, improve customer service, fulfill contract clauses calling for arbitration, settle everything from will squabbles to e-commerce disputes and more, click » Arbitration Uses.

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net-ARB Online Arbitration by Email - Fast, Convenient, Affordable - Better than Mediation or Litigation
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