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Online Arbitration by Email

Why Choose net-ARB Arbitration Service

High legal fees and drawn out court cases are a thing of the past with net-ARB's online arbitration service. Bringing together parties irrespective of geographic concerns with experts in alternative dispute resolution, net-ARB is the best solution when conflicts arise.
  1. Affordable: net-ARB's total cost is less than the filing fees of many courts. At $399 internet arbitration is the most affordable dispute resolution service available.
  2. Availability: Geographic restrictions prohibit justice in many ways today. Suppliers, providers and users worldwide find email the only solution to settle disagreements.
  3. Fast: Small claims court can take months to start. Online arbitration hearings begin immediately and awards are typically rendered within 48 hours of the hearing ending.
  4. Private: In most cases, court decisions and personal information pertaining to the participants become public record. Online arbitration is contractually confidential.
  5. Productive: Paying lawyers by the hour inherently creates a conflict of interest. net-ARB's flat fee and ease of email allows anybody to get justice anywhere.
  6. Equality: Legal justice is prohibitively expensive. Now it's available to those who can't afford lawyers, are geographically isolated, or just want a better solution.
  7. Endorsed: The Conflict Resolution Academy, a leading international resource for conflict management and leadership training, reviews and approves all net-ARB arbitrators.
To find out more about using internet arbitration to reduce legal fees, improve customer service, fulfill contract clauses calling for arbitration, settle will arguments, e-commerce disputes and more, see » Personal Uses.

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net-ARB Online Arbitration by Email - Fast, Convenient, Affordable - Better than Mediation or Litigation
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