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Online Arbitration by Email

Quick, Unbiased & Affordable Arbitration through Email

net-ARB is an online arbitration service provider that facilitates quick and fair resolution of disputes through the convenience of email. net-ARB was founded by Marty Lavine, an Attorney, Mediator, and Arbitrator in order to provide efficient and economical way to settle disputes. It replaces the traditional small claims courts that take a lot of time and involve so many other hassles. We resolve conflicts through Internet arbitration and our professional arbitrators are unbiased and declare the final verdict only after scrutinizing all important aspects of the case.

net-ARB provides quicker, cheaper and more effectual resolution of disputes and works as an excellent intercession for the rapidly growing internet community. It eradicates all the geographical and jurisdictional restrictions of the legal system and declares the final decision in just a few days. Online arbitration is an excellent solution to settle disputes at the as the court systems are slow, costly and out of reach especially in case of international e-commerce.net-ARB's Arbitration Process is Very Quick and Simple
When you file a case with us, all you need to do is fill in our online form and provide us with the name and email address of the other party. It is recommended that the two parties should agree on the arbitration before filing a case. Once we received the required information from your side we will contact the other party through an email and get an arbitration agreement signed. After both the parties have accepted the Arbitration Agreement, we will assign a professional arbitrator to hear the case and render a fair and impartial decision. The entire process is completely transparent and no messages are hidden from either parties. The arbitrator also provides the reasons for the decision.. Both the parties receive the decision within 1-2 days after the hearing is completed.

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net-ARB Online Arbitration by Email - Fast, Convenient, Affordable - Better than Mediation or Litigation
Online Arbitration by Email Information
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