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Online Arbitration by Email

Arbitration Levels the Playing Field Internationally

The Chief Justice of India has expressed concern over the inordinate delay in the dispensation of justice and the increasing cost of litigation. He said time had come to take effective steps to provide speedy and inexpensive justice to the people. In India, as in the USA, there's been an explosion in population but the number of courts has not kept pace with number of cases.

Online arbitration encourages international trade as it overcomes the geographical hurdles and judiciary restrictions to resolve any dispute while doing trade internationally. net-ARB arbitrations are conducted in a fairer fashion than courts, especially when it comes to unusual procedures which might not be known to foreign litigants — no tricky motions for this, that or the other — so they make justice more accessible to businesses in every state and all over the world — fast. It allows parties to communicate electronically, thus it eliminates the need of in person meetings and hearings, regardless of time zones.net-ARB arbitration enables companies to decrease reliance on lawyers because arbitration can be done without lawyers. Saving legal fees benefits everyone — except the lawyers.Claimants outside the USA need no longer be discouraged by the prospect of high American legal fees: net-ARB is affordable at less than $300 per party; slightly more for a panel of 3 arbitrators.

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net-ARB Online Arbitration by Email - Fast, Convenient, Affordable - Better than Mediation or Litigation
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