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Online Arbitration by Email

Online Arbitration Makes Justice Available to Everybody

Up until recently, the time commitment and cost of settling a dispute prohibited getting justice for many locally, and made international dispute resolution virtually impossible. Now, with the emergence of online arbitration, both businesses and consumers can access specialized arbitrators via email for a low fixed fee.

For example, an entire case from start to finish at net-ARB costs less than 30 minutes with an average lawyer in any North American city and less than the filing fees for most Australian or British courts. Also, since the fees are fixed, no one has an interest in making cases go longer than they should.Not only are net-ARB arbitrations MUCH more affordable than litigation, they are also conducted in a fairer fashion. Based on the applications of common law and equity rather than statuary law, there are no tricky procedures or motions for this, that or the other.Common Law provides a "common ground" for disputes that cross jurisdictional lines or deal with relatively new technology and e-commerce advancements. Since net-ARB arbitrators are assigned based on the case's specifications, there's no need to hire experts to testify. That means you just have to present the facts of your individual case. Alternatively, Texas has over 250 counties with its own court headed by an elected judge who may or may not be an expert in your situation. That's why cases like Microsoft vs Lucent have been going for years.While disputes may not be avoidable at times, paying high legal fees, traveling to distant locals, and waiting months or years to get settlement is.

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net-ARB Online Arbitration by Email - Fast, Convenient, Affordable - Better than Mediation or Litigation
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