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Online Arbitration by Email

net-ARB Overcomes
Barriers to the Courts

Barrier . . .
Lack of a common jurisdiction for interstate and international disputes

 net-ARB's arbitration agreements and awards are easier to enforce in a foreign country or another state than a judgment of the court — eliminating the jurisdiction void that emerges when disputes cross borders.

While nearly every significant commercial country in the world is party to the New York Convention 1956 that recognizes the validity of international arbitration agreements, very few have a comprehensive network for cross-border enforcement of court judgments. Even in the United States, disputes that cross state borders must be filed under one states law or the other — requiring travel time and expense.

Barrier . . .
Court requires everyone's physical presence from start to finish

 net-ARB eliminates the need for both parties and witnesses to appear in court by conveniently making the hearing available via email.

Even a simple case in local small claims court requires a day in court — more complex litigation can require days, months and even years in court before resolution is reached. That literally requires normal life to stop while court is in progress and carries many repercussions — stress, missed work, strained relationships and escalating expenses as the trial drags out. Since net-ARB fees are fixed and trials are conducted conveniently, there is no reason to drag out a case longer than it takes to present the facts and make a clear argument.

Barrier . . .
The time it takes does not meet the immediacy of business concerns

 net-ARB hearings start immediately, are delayed only by the participates responsiveness, and are typically decided on within 48 hours of each party resting their case.

Given the overbooked court dockets, it could take months just to get your day in court. When disputes are time sensitive or the repercussion of drawing out disputes for an extended period of time is costly, court just isn't option. Turning to net-ARB, expressing your need for quick resolution, and presenting your case clearly and quickly can return you a decision in a matter of days.

Barrier . . .
Courts remain years behind in truly understanding e-commerce issues

 net-ARB relies on common law principles and uses international arbitrators with the experience necessary to understand the particular nature of your dispute — lawyers, engineers, website & software design professionals, accountants, etc. — no matter where in the world both parties reside.

E-Commerce poses many challenges to the courts. By nature, both parties are typically not in the same law jurisdiction, geographic distances pose significant travel expenses, disputes can require considerable technical experience to understand and the concepts involved are commonly evolutionary ideas where no legal precedent has been set. net-ARB overcomes these issues at a cost that fits anybody's pocketbook.

Barrier . . .
The cost of using the court system quickly exceeds the value of closure

 net-ARB eliminates every major cost of court — lawyers' fees, missed work, travel expense and time.

For many situations, especially ones where the financial dispute in question is relativey small, court just is not a practical solution in terms of cost and inconvenience. net-ARB allows businesses and individuals to represent themselves by submitting evidence, giving witness testimony and questioning the other party all over email for a low fixed fee — without worrying about legal technicalities!

Barrier . . .
Court proceedings are permanent public records

 net-ARB keeps the proceedings, private details and sensitive business practices out of public record.

Court hearings are made public records and appellate decisions are published in legal journals — both of which anybody can access for any reason and for years from now. What's more, in an effort to reduce administrative cost, those details are now being made available on the internet by more and more courts. Individuals and businesses who file cases with net-ARB can rest assured that all information pertaining to the case is held in strict confidence and available only to the respective participants.

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