2005  Celebrating 14 Years of Service  2020

2005  Celebrating 14 Years of Service  2020
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Client Complaints

That's right ... this page is for Client Complaints! Most websites post testimonials, but we thought it would be more interesting (and honest) to post complaints.

If you want to go into the arbitration business you better have a thick skin to go along with the rest of the necessary skill set. Arbitration is unique in that there is no other business in the world you go into where you know half of your clients are going to leave dissatisfied!

The key to success in almost any business is meeting your customers' expectations. No matter how good the product or job you think you did, if your customer had different or higher expectations, they will not be satisfied. Every client goes into arbitration expecting to win. So it should come as no surprise that your opponent expects to win also. Logic tells you that one of you has to lose and will not be satisfied. Would you like to be in a business where the best you could do is a 50% approval rating?

The complaints featured on this page are not just emails from dissatisfied clients. We accept those graciously and treat them with the same respect and confidentiality we observe throughout our handling of a case. The complaints on this page are from dissatisfied clients who then decided to take their complaints public by posting them on various internet sites for reporting rip-offs and scams. We take a different view of course and have decided to address them here rather than let them go unanswered. Wherever possible, we have posted a link to this page on the same website as the original complaint.

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