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Online Arbitration by Email

Fast, Convenient Arbitration Complements Divorce and Separation Negotiations
— Saves Thou$ands!

Statistics put the average cost of divorce today in America at around $20,000 to $25,000 with most of that money going into the pockets of divorce lawyers.

We're not saying they are not worth it, but how many of those expensive hours could be saved by using fast, convenient and inexpensive arbitration to solve some of the petty issues that keep the meter running while the two attorneys continue arguing . . . or bill you for entire days spent in mediation only to reach an impasse?

Smart couples are looking for better ways to spend their children's education fund by saving where they can on the expenses of divorce. Until now, arbitrating some of these petty issues may not have made sense due to an insufficient trade-off in terms of cost and time spent in arbitration versus what they are accustomed to doing. net-ARB changes that equation — drastically!

And how about those annoying post-divorce issues that always seem to arise? No matter how well-prepared and thought-out, it is impossible to predict how future events will affect past decisions. Conflicts often arise from changed circumstances, and all too often, from vague or ambiguous wording drafted into original agreements.

No one relishes going back to court over most of these matters, much less starting the clock all over again on their legal fees. And what about the emotional toll, especially when children are involved? Nothing makes a child feel more insecure than watching their parents fight over money, even when they are no longer married to each other.

Peace of mind requires planning. Include an » arbitration clause in your divorce or separation agreement and stop the financial bleeding.

Agree to arbitrate your differences instead. Using net-ARB's fast, convenient and affordable service, arguments can be over in less than a week without a face-to-face confrontation and no worries over who is going to watch the kids while mommy and daddy visit with lawyers or spend the day in court waiting for a judge to settle the dispute for them.

Use net-ARB to lower the cost of your divorce!

net-ARB Online Arbitration by Email - Fast, Convenient, Affordable - Better than Mediation or Litigation
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