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Online Arbitration by Email

Fast, Economical Solution for
Interstate & International Disputes

Traditional courts have unfortunately fallen light-years behind today's internet-centric, global marketplace.

The effect of the court's failure to keep up with the times creates a huge void on the internet, leaving honest people with no way to obtain a neutral, unbiased solution for e-commerce disputes. Live in Los Angeles and have a dispute with a supplier in New York . . . which one of you wants to travel across the country so a judge can hear your dispute? Imagine the problem with a company in Chicago in a dispute of buying parts from a company in London, England!

net-ARB fills the vacuum left by the court system. By providing a cyber-forum where disputes between parties anywhere around the globe can be submitted to an international team of arbitrators, net-ARB has revolutionalized arbitration for the 21st century.Relying on common law principles, common sense, and using arbitrators with the experience necessary to understand the particular nature of your dispute — lawyers, engineers, accountants, builders, etc. — net-ARB provides fair and equitable solutions for any kind of civil dispute at a cost that fits anybody's pocketbook.net-ARB is EOE complaint and strives to uphold the ethics and values of the Model Code for Arbitrators in all its dealings. net-ARB maintains strict oversight when it comes to remaining neutral and unbiased, and making sure that decisions are made without race, gender, nationality, religious or cultural bias for or against our brothers and sisters sharing our global village.

net-ARB — Spanning the Globe in Dispute Resolution!
net-ARB Online Arbitration by Email - Fast, Convenient, Affordable - Better than Mediation or Litigation
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